WCCPBA Promotion

Posters! Posters! Posters!

Our 2023-2024 poster is available. You can find it here through the WLA website. You will need your WLA credentials to log in to access this poster. 

You can view our 40th-year anniversary poster here



You may print your own labels or stickers to place on WCCPBA nominated books or to promote the award around your building. To do so, use the attached WORD files. These use standard Avery label stock. The largest labels use Avery label size of 5294. The mid-sized labels use Avery label size 8293. The small spine labels use Avery Round 34221. The Avery 22805 is for a square label. 

Avery 34221

Avery 8293

Avery 5294

Avery 22805

Stand Alone Logo Small

Stand Along Logo Large