WCCPBA Promotion

Posters! Posters! Posters!

The 2021 WLA Book Award Posters will be print on demand this year and links to the poster files will be available after the conference to WLA School Division members.  The posters are a School Division member perk and member will receive the digital links to the posters. Yahoo! 


You may print your own labels or stickers to place on WCCPBA nominated books or to promote the award around your building. To do so, use the attached WORD files. These use standard Avery label stock. The labels are 1.5 inches. Gold foil label stock can be purchased here . This is a standard Avery label size of 5294. The foil requires a laser printer for best results!

wccpba 1.5 inch labels.doc
wccpba 2.5 inch labels.doc