WCCPBA Nominations

Our goal is to choose high-quality picture books that include a variety of
subjects to educate our students and foster a love of books.

Submit Nominations for the 2025-2026 list by February 1, 2025, here.
Please be as thorough as possible and follow the below requirements.


  • Books must be published in the last three years (2023, 2024, 2025) 
  • Books should have positive reviews from credible sources. 
  • Books must be nominated by a librarian/elementary educator who has read the book.
  • Books must be in picture-book format.
  • Books should be engaging read-alouds for a K-3 audience. 
  • Books may be fiction or nonfiction.
  • Wordless books are not considered.
  • Self-nominated books are not considered.
  • Titles on the final 20-book nomination list will not be reconsidered in future years. 
  • Books must be in print and distributed in the United States.

 Additional Selection Factors:

  • WCCPBA Committee strives to choose books that expose students to a wide array of books that they might not encounter on their own.
  • Additional factors considered in vetting the final list include, but are not limited to: gender appeal, important themes, various genres, diversity, engaging and easy lesson implementation, quality literature, and child appeal.