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Don’t forget your schools! You can help connect school libraries with stronger resources and students with learning tools outside of school hours!

Advocacy for all Washingtonians

From Our State Library

  • Find out more about how libraries can apply and use CARES Act funding provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the Washington State Library to support safe re-opening and broader internet access to our communities.

From ALA

Have you considered becoming a member of ALA? It’s also open to library advocates. ALA has some great information about Recruiting for Diversity.

If you’re not yet a member you can learn more about:

  • National issues affecting libraries
  • Helping your library apply for grants and fellowships
  • Scholarships to share with your favorite budding young librarian
  • “Best of” recommendation lists
  • Register for national conferences to bring back exciting new ideas to your group
  • Nominating your local library staff, friends and trustees for recognition awards to share their great work
  • Learning how to become a national advocate to strengthen support for libraries on all levels

WLA Advocacy

Don’t forget to check out our WLA Advocacy Committee Resources!