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Social Responsibilities and Libraries


Information from the Social Responsibility Round Table of the American Library Association, including links to the Task Forces and their resources, Action Council members, newsletter and document archives, and affiliate organizations.
“ exists to provide communication services to librarians and library workers, individually and in groups, who believe in libraries as a social good and as an ideal pattern for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and who wish to promote progressive thought and action and a concept of social responsibility within the library world and in the world at large.”

Alternative Publications and Resources

Alternatives in Publication Task Force – (ALA SRRT AIP)
“The Alternatives In Publication Task Force (AIP) is a group of library professionals that works to promote the acquisition and use of alternative information resources in libraries. We feel that the “Library Bill of Rights” is realized by providing access to a diversity of materials, including those that lie outside the interests of commercial information providers.”

Of and About Alternative Publications (and Libraries)
Rory Litwin provides this excellent listing of resources, directories, and associations dealing with alternative media and libraries. Also includes articles that address just what “alternative literature” is and its place in libraries. 

Employee Rights

ACLU – Workplace Rights
Recent news, Congressional legislation, resources and tools.

Social Service Resources for the Disenfranchised in Washington

Access to Justice
The Washington State Access to Justice Board is committed to assuring that the justice system provides “justice for all” by being accessible to low income and vulnerable individuals.

Access Washington – Subject Index (link broken)
The Washington State Department of Information Services index of state services.

Real Change: Puget Sound’s Newspaper of the Poor & Homeless
With a mission to “organize, educate, and build alliances to find community-based solutions to homelessness and poverty,” Real Change publishes “views of poor and homeless people and their advocates.”

Washington State Services & Resources for the Unemployed
Resource links from the Access Washington web site.