WLA Online Meeting Software - Instructions

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To Install

WLA uses Zoom to conduct our virtual meetings. If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom and would like to learn a bit more before our next meeting, you can take a look at the articles and short videos below. 

Joining Audio and Video

When you receive your email invitation, you can simply follow the link in the email to join the meeting. You can also join a meeting by going to the Zoom app and clicking “Join,” then entering the meeting ID.

Before joining it may be a good idea to check that your mic and webcam are working. This video shows how to test and join your audio and video.

You’ll have the option to turn off your video from your computer, or to call in from your telephone if you prefer.

Hosting a Meeting

To host a meeting, you can either schedule a meeting in advance or select “Start with Video” to host a meeting immediately. More details here.

Scheduling a Meeting

You can schedule a meeting you’re hosting in advance by opening the app and selecting “Schedule.” From there you can input the date and duration. Check “recurring” for regularly scheduled meetings. You can also add the meeting to your personal online calendar here. You can manage your upcoming meetings or review your recordings under the “Meetings” tab.

To invite participants to a scheduled meeting, you can send them an email through the app, an app invitation, or a manual email by copying and pasting the invitation test into your email.

Screen Sharing

To display a particular screen to the participants during the meeting, select “Screen Sharing” and choose an application. You can use the screen share tools to annotate the screen.


If you run into any problems with the setup, refer to the Zoom Help Center.

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