Member Services Updates

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The mission of the Member Services Committee is to retain WLA members, ensure value is provided to new and existing members, and to develop the benefits of WLA membership to the library community.

Interested in getting involved? Email [email protected].


The Member Services Committee is in the process of developing new member benefits, specifically while looking for ways to make membership and participation in WLA more accessible and useful to members and potential members from marginalized communities.

Did You Know?

All WLA members have access to a searchable Member Directory!

Benefits in the Works:

  • WLA digital storefront
  • Free academic library cards for WLA members
  • Biennial Salary and Benefits survey of all WA library workers
  • Introductory membership rate for new WLA members

To see our national survey of state library membership benefits and benefits ideas, click here.

Have an idea for a new member benefit? Email our co-chairs Hope Yeats and Sharalyn Williams!