CATS Collection Development Resources

For updated resources, check out our Delicious account (link broken). And we’d love to hear your suggestions for additional links! 


Collection Development 2.0 program overview (from ALA Annual 2009), linked here. **broken**

Adding to your library’s collection (the future)

Early Word, which describes itself as “EarlyWord’s goal is to help Collection Development and Readers Advisory librarians stay ahead of public demand and identify hidden gems.”

Unshelved’s Sunday Book Club strips. Here’s the description: “Every Sunday our characters talk about a book they’ve read in full-page full-color comic strips. Our book clubs are posted in libraries, book stores, and in homes, and you have our permission to do so too (write us if you’re interested in other uses).”

Collecting for Digital Repositories: New Ways to Disseminate and Share Information (program from ALA Annual 2009): “Three presenters will discuss collection development and management issues for three types of digital repository (i.e., institutional, disciplinary, and data repositories). They will focus on selection criteria, content recruitment, and the role of digital repositories in scholarly communication.” Slideshow links **broken**

Walk the Line: The Fine Line Between Selection & Censorship. Again, slideshows from the ALA Annual 2009 program. **broken**

Evaluating your library’s current collection (the present)

Weeding your library’s collection (the past)

CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries, (a pdf) revised and updated by Jeanette Larson of Texas State Library and Archives Commission.